Home Visits: What to expect


Each reflexology session takes between 60 to 90 minutes.

Room & Set-Up
We ask that you supply 2 things:
   1. a warm, private, comfortable room with access to an electrical outlet
   2. a cozy blanket for you in case you get cold (many clients get cold sitting

   around for an hour!)

We will supply the following:
   1. a zero-gravity chair for you to lounge on during your reflexology session
   2. music & candles
   3. towels, oils, lotions and other items needed for treatment

-Please use the washroom before your treatment to prevent interruptions.

-We will ask you to sit in the zero-gravity chair, roll up your pant legs to just above your sock line, and remove your socks.
-Your feet will be cleansed and we will perform a quick foot inspection before beginning treatment.
-Relax & enjoy!  You are welcome to chat if you like, however, we recommend quiet enjoyment for maximum relaxation.
-If you fall asleep, that is ok!  It is a compliment to your reflexologist.
-We will apply firm but not painful pressure. If at any time during the treatment you notice areas that are painful or sensitive, please inform us and we will reduce pressure.  Also, if you notice areas that feel “strange”, “different” or even “really good!”, let us know that too.  Your feet tell a story!
-Your reflexology session will end with a relaxing foot massage.

-Payment can be made either before or at the time of your foot reflexology session.  We currently accept credit cards, e-transfers and cash.  Please ask your reflexologist for e-transfer details.