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About Reflexology
What is Foot Reflexology?
Foot reflexology is more than just a relaxing foot massage; it is a non-invasive, complimentary therapy and holistic, healing art.  By using pressure on a specific area of the feet, an effect will be created on the corresponding area of the body. The objective of foot reflexology is to induce a physical state of harmony and balance throughout the entire person rather than just treating specific conditions.  This completely safe form of therapy stimulates the body's already existing ability to heal itself and helps return the body to balance or homeostasis.

How Does Foot Reflexology Work?
It is a natural, preventative, healing art based on the premise that there are zones and reflex areas in the feet which correspond to every part, gland and organ of the body.  When reflex points are stimulated by applying specific pressures using thumb, finger, and hand techniques, the body's natural electric energy works along the nervous system and meridians to clear any blockages.  Internal body energy flows along energy lines that connect from the feet to the various parts of the body.  Blockage of this energy is believed to cause discomfort in the body and eventually, could lead to disease.

How Often Should I Have a Foot Reflexology Treatment?
Foot reflexology treatments should be scheduled a maximum of 1 month apart.  For personal well-being and stress management, two to four sessions a month are recommended.  Those with very high stress levels could even benefit from two sessions per week.

How Does Reflexology Feel?

Foot Reflexology should feel very pleasant and is not intended to be painful.  In fact, many recipients will relax to the point of falling asleep!  If during your treatment you notice tender, painful areas, tell your reflexologist and he/she will adjust their technique or pressure to avoid causing you pain.  These sensitivities frequently indicate the presence of tension in the corresponding body part.  Clients have reported a variety of sensations during and after their sessions including: "a feeling of a rush of energy", sleepiness, tingling both in their feet and other areas of the body, "a grounded feeling", dizzines and relaxation.

How Long is a Foot Reflexology Treatment?
The length of a Foot Reflexology treatment will depend on the technique of your reflexologist and on how much time you, the client has.  Lifetree Naturals offers 60 minute sessions + set-up and clean-up time.  Please set aside 1.5 hours per visit.

Are There Any Contraindications to Having a Foot Reflexology Treatment?
Although reflexology is very safe, generally harmless, and has many benefits, it is not advisable to have treatments if any of the following conditions exist:
-A contagious or infectious disease
-A recent surgery
-Large foot wounds or foot infections
-Deep vein thrombosis, phlebitis & blood clotting
-First trimester of pregnancy

Are There Any Side Effects to Foot Reflexology Treatments?
You may notice some mild side effects within the first 24 hours post a reflexology treatment as a result of toxin elimination including: cough, fatigue, head-ache, rash, headache, perspiration, feeling that you have to urinate more often and emotional releases...but don't worry!  These minor irritations usually subside as soon as body functions balance themselves, usually within a day.